Bullet Bonanza

Enjoy the online shooting game Bullet Bonanza

Bullet Bonanza is a fun FPS game (first-person shooter game) where you play as a funky animal character in a huge 3D arena. As it is an FPS shooting game, your goal is to fire bullets at fellow online players and ultimately win the deathmatch. You will start the game with a pair of pistols and unlimited bullets, however, hidden in different places around the game arena you can find other fun weapons like the Uzi gun, Tommy gun, and even a powerful rocket launcher! Unlike other FPS gun games, Bullet Bonanza offers kid-friendly animations and is all about action!

In browser game - no install, instant fun!

This free io game allows you to play in the browser of a PC, which means there is nothing holding you back from joining the Bullet Bonanza extravaganza! The game is made in HTML5 which also lets you play without any plug-ins. Overall, io games are known for being free and easy to play browser games, and that is exactly how Bullet Bonanza is made.

Multiplayer game for multiplying the entertainment

Another great feature of Bullet Bonanza is that it is a real time game. Instead of playing against bots, you are joining an arena with other online players from around the world. As it is free-for-all gameplay, there are no alliances or teams. The only thing that counts is your battle for first place on the leaderboard. What is more, you can challenge your buddies for an arena game! Yes, you read that right - Bullet Bonanza is an FPS multiplayer game to play with friends online. Simply create a private server, share the game link and let the battle begin! If you want to give some hints or tell a joke while playing, use the in-game chat function.

Game controls

- WASD keys - move - Spacebar - jump - Left mouse click - shoot - Enter key - open chat; send message - Up and down arrow key - adjust mouse sensitivity

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Created by game enthusiasts

The FPS shooting game Bullet Bonanza is developed by KILOO.

Release date

This HTML5 game was released in May 2021.

What does "FPS games" mean?

FPS is an abbreviation for First Person Shooter and is used to describe a specific type of shooting games. As the name tells you, these games are in the first-person view. Instead of controlling a character that you can see running around in the game, the FPS game view is as if you were in the game yourself. What you see in the game is also how it would be in the real world - you can only see in front of you and tilt your "head" up and down to see more than what is in your eye level. FPS games make the gaming experience more immersive!

What does "HTML5 games" mean?

HTML5 is a programming language (what gives your computer or device the instructions on what to do) and the abbreviation stands for Hypertext Markup Language. The only thing that concerns you as the player regarding the programming language is this - games that have been programmed in HTML5 do not require any third-party plugins in order to run on your computer or device. So, in easier words, HTML5 games are easy to access and for everyone to enjoy!